Accident Repair

Accident Help When Needed


At Brookalnds we can offer you a complete accident management package which specialises in assisting you if have been involved in road traffic accident.

We understand that for many drivers and passengers, making a claim can be both stressful and overwhelming and with the ever increasing costs of insurance policies, many clients do not have faith in their policy to fully protect them and many worry about the cost of a potential claim affecting their policy increasing the following year.

Our aim is to make the process easier and for no extra cost to our customer we can remove the inconvenience and time it takes in getting your car back on the road.

We can also assist with

Personal Injury

Loss of Use

Towing and Storage Charges

Loss of Earnings

Clothing and Personal Effects

Brooklands Can Help



In the event of an accident, can I request Brooklands Motor Body Shop repair my vehicle?

Yes, you can make a request to your insurance company at the time of your accident to get your

vehicle repaired by us, we can liase with your insurance company in the first instance 


If I have a small accident, and I don’t wish to claim through my insurance company can Brooklands repair my car?

Yes, call or email us today for an estimate booking request

and book it in to get a damage estimate, before getting repaired.


Can you carry out work on my vehicle outside of an insurance claim?

Yes absolutely. We understand having your vehicle off the road is not always convenient.  In some instances,

   customers also ask us to carry out repairs additional to those authorised by the insurance company,

in this case, these additional repairs will need to be paid for before the vehicle is released to you.


We offer Courtesy Cars


Will I get a courtesy car?
Brooklands Motor Body Shop has access to a large nationwide fleet of courtesy cars under 2 years old for all our customers,

with the option of manual or automatic gearboxes subject to availability (subject to conditions).


Do I have to put petrol back in the courtesy car?
Yes, You will be expected to replace any fuel used in the courtesy car while in your responsibility.

Any customer returning a courtesy car without replacing the fuel will be charged accordingly.


How long will my car take to get repaired?
This depends on the size and type of repair, but in all cases you will be given an estimated time

of completion once our engineers have conducted a full damage estimate.

You can then track your repairs online 24/7 from our homepage.


Who can drive the courtesy car?
In most cases the insurance for the courtesy car is covered by your own policy.

This means that if you are the single policy holder with no additional authorised drivers,

you will be the only person authorised to drive the courtesy car.


What happens if I have an accident in the courtesy car?
In the unfortunate instance of having an accident, please contact Brooklands immediately