Know Your Rights

It has been agreed with The Office of Fair Trading and the British Board of Motor Insurers that as a motor vehicle policy holder you have the right to choose the repairer you wish to carry out the repairs on your vehicle regardless of the insurance company’s advice. You are not obliged to use only their approved repairer.

Insurance companies direct their policyholders vehicles into their ‘approved’ repairers who are not necessary approved for the manufacturer. This enables your insurer to keep costs down as they have agreed discounted rates with their network of repairers and whilst the majority of accident repair specialists like us are professional companies, there are still many bodyshops who will repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible not taking your quality expectations, your safety or any sort of customer service into account. They will use non-genuine parts and will invalidate your warranty.

Your insurer may also request that you get two estimates completed before they proceed again this is not the case. It is your vehicle and you’re right to have the vehicle repaired at a repairer of your choice.

As a manufacturer approved repairer we invest heavily in training our staff to their required standards, purchase the correct tooling and equipment necessary to repair your vehicle back to its condition prior to the accident occurring and are audited on an annual basis by the manufacturers so we comply with their operating standards.

We simply do not compromise when it comes to quality.